Courageous Leaders

Being courageous is to consistently take action based on what’s best for the organisation, and not what’s most comfortable for us as leaders. It’s about taking an honest look at the emotions that affect us in our role as leaders and having the courage to face those emotions that eventually set us back, in order to get past them.

In our programme Courageous Leaders, we explore ourselves and how and why we act as we do in different situations. At Kull Leadership, self-awareness is a powerful tool for becoming a clear and visible role model who can set boundaries, coach and support employees grow and take responsibility. We believe that openness and trust are the foundation of good business, efficiency and profitability. They are the cornerstones for creating a better world on our planet. 

Courageous Leaders is a 6–12 month programme, divided into 3-5 Modules.

At Kull Leadership, we work in line with The Human Element by Will Schultz, the International Coach Federation (ICF) and Good To Great by Jim Collins, as well as many other methods.