Vivianne Thomsson

With respect, warmth and commitment, Vivianne challenges people to find and illuminate opportunities to achieve their full potential. As a trainer in our development programme, she is fluent in both Swedish and English. She has experience contributing to true development and openness in leaders, managers, business women and also women who have been on sick leave for longer periods of time.

Vivianne’s strength lies in her ability to create peace and security in a room so participants dare to move beyond their comfort zone, and thus to grow. She listens, builds a warm climate for cooperation, and gives honest, direct feedback. She is driven by her faith in every individual’s inherent power and her belief that we all know what is best for ourselves and our organisations.

Vivianne is from the Swedish island of Gotland. She likes to sing, being creative and loves nature. She also has years of experience working in education.


  • Licensed The Human Element ® trainer
  • Licensed Radical Collaboration® trainer
  • Career Counsellor (SYV) 180 credits, Umeå University