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Courageous Leader 

Increase Your Impact by Facing Your Fears


“From highest vision to bottom line, from individuals to businesses to the
whole planet – one thing drives positive change for all: Courage.”

Do you aspire to create impact? Are you prepared to leave your comfort zone and create positive change for nature and humanity? What about your organisation and yourself?

Read Courageous Leader. Increase Your Impact by Facing Your Fears.
And leave footprints you can be proud of.

For almost 20 years Margareta Kull has trained executives, managers and leaders from 15+ countries to make courageous decisions for their organisations and the planet. In this inspiring, practical guide, she generously shares with you her tools, client stories, results, powerful coaching questions, processes, exercises, reflections and more – all based on her experience and wisdom. Courageous Leader will guide you to be the leader you truly want to be and to live the life you truly want to live.


“This is a revolutionising guide for world leaders,
organisational leaders, coaches and the
every-day person. It will enable many to have the.
courage to tackle the big issues that confront this planet.”        

Anna Storm, CEO Volvo Car Retail Solutions


“Entrepreneurs are all about courage.
Courageous Leader
how the entrepreneur can evolve into the
kind of leader
that our businesses need to grow sustainably.”

Kevin Harrington,
Original panel member and investor on the
ABC TV Show Shark Tank


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Road to Success

Margareta received the honour to contribute with her chapter Courage: Your first step on the road to success for bestselling author® Jack Canfield’s (well known for The Chicken Soup for the Soul series) book The Road to Success. In it, he has assembled leading entrepreneurs and professionals to reveal their step-by-step systems to help you achieve the health, wealth and lifestyle you deserve.

The Road to Success quickly became a bestseller. Success is so much more than the achievement of a goal. To take a road trip to Success, we need a destination as well as a GPS.

Having picked a goal for success, how do you get there? What drives you on? It is interesting how philosophers as well as successful travellers on this road to success agree that the journey is the real prize, not merely arriving at the destination.