About Kull Leadership

Kull Leadership creates change

In 1995, Margareta Kull started the company, today called Kull Leadership AB. Since then, she and her team have carried out a number of national and international assignments for Skanska, Alfa Laval, Lund municipality and Malmö etc. We carry out assignments for managers and executives at all levels of the organization, from group management and downwards.

Difference in leader and manager

At Kull Leadership, we mean that there is a big difference between being a manager and being a leader. The manager is a position to which someone is appointed – a professional role. It is a person who has the power and responsibility to create results together with his employees.

A leader is a person whom other volunteers choose to follow and where the choice is not based on fear. We will not be leaders automatically, because we will be in a managerial role. Being a good leader, on the other hand, is the most important competence within the company.

A good leader provides successful executives

A successful leader is someone who achieves results with the help of motivated and responsible people who follow their own free will. Being a good leader is a prerequisite for other executives to become truly successful.

Courageous Leader

A courageous leader does not let herself  be guided by her fears and dares to herself to the fullest. A courageous leader dares to make the decisions she want to make. She has the courage to dare to let her employees take their own responsibility and use all their skills and power. A courageous leader dares to see what prevents them.

Importance of having Courageous Leaders

When a leader does not let her fears control – that’s when she make wise decisions that are good for all of us. That’s when she create solutions that are good for our future generations, both inside and outside the organisation. We need courageous leaders who both dare to find their own truth and dare to follow it.

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