A breakfast about courage and corruption

“I’m glad I chose to spend these hours with you, reflecting over this important topic.” That’s what one of the participants had to say after A Breakfast Packed with Courage – About Corruption. Corruption expert Michaela Ahlberg shared some of the lessons she had learned, including her experiences after being headhunted by Telia when the bribery scandal in Uzbekistan was exposed. “In the end, it’s about being persistently difficult. My most important task at Telia wasn’t running around and pointing out what was right or wrong according to the law. Rather, it was about being clear that everyone needed the courage to make decisions based on their own inner compass. What is ethical? What is legal? How do I choose to act on that basis?”

Our inner compass – imagine if more of us had the courage to include that in the weave, rather than just resorting to the law books as a safety harness when plunging into ethically-complex issues.