Courageous Leaders are the key to success.

There is no point in providing leaders with new knowledge if they allow fear to prevent them from implementing what they have learned. They need to grow their courage to create change. We are convinced that this is the way forward for organisational success and for our planet’s future.

Margareta Kull

Meet Margareta Kull and the organization behind her.

Margareta is driven by a mixture of heart and head. She mixes hard and soft, thought and feeling, empathy and questioning, humour and seriousness. Energy and warmth are always present.

Our programmes

Imagine an organisation with courageous leaders who lead as they truly want to lead. An organisation that reaches its goals because its leaders do what is best for the business even when it’s uncomfortable. We offer programmes that provide your leaders and teams the possibility of becoming the leaders they truly want to be.

Happy reading

In the beginning of 2018, the first part of Margareta Kull’s book Courageous Leader – Increase your impact by facing your fears will be published. You will be able to download it as an e-book.